Zapf de Pipi

1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Russia

The cold temperatures of russian winter offered the chance to build our first museum ice sculpture.
Some 200 thousand kidneys supported Gelatin by donating a watery solution of metabolic wastes (such as urea), dissolved salts and organic materials.
After some weeks the "Zapf de Pipi" turned into a handsome 7 meter tall and one meter fat pipi amber colored iceicle.
Visitors had to enter a traditional fairytale hut to access the iceicle, hanging outside into the courtyard of the Moscow Lenin Museum. This hut was mainly built to keep the cold temperatures outside the museum halls and to offer some privacy but was soon transformed to a public bulletin board filled with hundreds of graffiti tags on its wooden walls.

Photo © Moscow Biennale

Photo © Moscow Biennale

Photo © Gelitin

Photo © Moscow Biennale

zapf de pipi
Untitled, collage, 210 x 590 cm, 2006 © Gelitin